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Pastor's Page

Welcome to my page and I want to thank you for stopping by to visit our website. This will be a project in process as we add more items of interest and try to convey to you the special and unique nature of St. Paul. Being the “new guy” allows some time to investigate and ask what is going on. This has been fun and challenging.

One of my pastoral objectives is to create, promote and activate an atmosphere where the lives of followers of Christ are given the opportunities to be in a continual process of being spiritually transformed and then challenged to put faith into action. That is not an easy task as it is a challenge for me as well! But I find that is some of the excitement of being a disciple of Jesus Christ! We can never be content in who we are or what we have done, but be confident that through the Word and Spirit, each of us can be enlivened and equipped for greater service and sacrifice.

The potential around us in Rochelle brings unique ministry that will challenge everyone involved. Nothing here is complete or accomplished, with great room for all kinds of abilities, personalities and vision. There is no perfect church and we resemble that in being sincere, honest and genuine in our interactions.

Our “logo” at St. Paul is “Building Relationships in Christ, Now and Forever.” There are different ways for this to happen. The starting point is to worship our Savior together, then continue our fellowship by studying God’s Word and relating to one another as a family of faith, as we determine to serve, share and witness by our lives and faith in action  thorough ministry, missions and reaching out.

Hope you take some time to look around, “window shop” if you will, and come back to visit, or better yet, stop by to see me or join us for worship.

Blessings and Peace to you,
Pastor Greg Hoffmann